5 starsBOD ApprovedPNR Romance

Close Remembrance (The Krinar Chronicles #3) by Anna Zaires

Close Remembrance Book Cover Close Remembrance
The Krinar Chronicles #3
Anna Zaires
Fiction, Paranormal Romance
April 2016

The stunning conclusion to the critically acclaimed series that has won thousands of fans!

When a ruthless enemy finally strikes, Mia and Korum will face the biggest test of their relationship yet. But it’s Korum’s own secrets that may ultimately tear them apart.

From the beaches of Costa Rica to a planet in a distant galaxy, theirs is a love story that may change the world . . .

Warning: This book contains strong sexual content and explicit language and is not suitable for readers under 18.

Val’s Review

4.5 Stars

So before I get started on this review, I have to vent.


This is all the ish that hath occurred/is occurring in Val World today.

1) The city is cutting down several behemoth trees in front of my house today.

Thus, between the chainsaw soundtrack of their cutting and the mini-earthquakes of the branches falling to the ground, it’s really fucking loud.


2) As if the massacre of nature occurring outside wasn’t enough just by its lonesome, one of my dogs is running around like an epileptic tornado having a seizure in response to above mentioned activity.

So her constant, non-stop, continuous barking is providing the vocals to the tree cutting symphony.


3) While this…magical musical is going on, I go to turn on my laptop to check my email and GR.

And nothing happens.

As in, it doesn’t turn on.



Thinking that there MUST be an electrical issue of some sort – or something along these lines – I call for Sir Handyman himself AKA the Husband.


I tell him my computer is acting up.

His response?

Uhhhhhh, yeah…Um, well, I kind of spilled my drink all over the side table last night and it got on your computer…I thought I dried it off before it did any damage but, I guess not.




Cue him quickly exiting the premises for work.

Needless to say, homie picked a good time to drop his bomb.



But I digress.

My point for mentioning this – there is one, I swear – is that this is why all my gifs are effed up.

I am technologically retarded and am having difficulty using the husband’s newer, slightly more advanced laptop.

And between this and all the fucking racket?

Oh boy.

I am pretty even keeled and I work in a high stress environment. Thus, it takes a LOT to actually irritate me.

And let’s just say this is me today:


So this will be abbreviated.

This book.

I absolutely adored this entire series.

I love Anna Zaires’ writing style and, on top of that, I was blown away by the world she created here.

Seriously though, she must be wicked smart, because there was a whole lot of fancy sounding science-y things happening here. And my blonde, math-hating self was uber impressed.

Korum and Mia actually reminded me a lot of Julian and Nora from her Twist Me series, just more…space-y.

If you like PNR, captivity themes, and super possessive alpha males, I would recommend this for sure.

My only beef with this was the ending as it pertains to the larger, overarching “world takeover” storyline. I thought it was a little too…optimistic and it just felt a little cheesy to me.