Contemporary Romance

Chrysalis (Love Conquers None #2) by Kilby Blades

Chrysalis Book Cover Chrysalis
Love Conquers None Duet #2
Kilby Blades
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
July 14th, 2017

We both know what this is, even if we've never said it. I was so close to telling her. Then my promotion came through. I thought we had more time. Time to break down the last barriers. To figure things out on our own. To choose one another willingly--not because my move to Sydney forced our hands. Not like this. 

Things between us are already broken. And contriving some shit-show of a long distance relationship until we figure something better out could break things between us even more. Both of us kept secrets. Both of us told lies. Both of us kept up the charade. And, because we’re not idiots, each of us knew the other one was doing it.

I’m not proud of all the rules I broke—all the half-truths I let her believe. I did what every guy who likes a girl does: showed her the best parts of me in a desperate attempt to get her to like me back. Fixing things between us now isn’t just about overcoming the distance—it’s about overcoming the lies. But I've hidden more than she has. And there are things she wants to know. She was right about me all along.