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Chase the Sun (Free Fall #2) by Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn

Chase the Sun Book Cover Chase the Sun
Free Fall Series #2
Christina Lee, Nyrae Dawn
Fiction, M/M Romance
September 9th 2016

Jamie Tolland has only ever known his small Oregon town. Same job, same friends, same gay bar. He feels obligated to stay, especially as his mother’s illness progresses. But when a situation presents itself in the form of a vintage sports car, he jumps on the chance to not only repair it, but also drive it to its new owner in LA.

Conner Murphy left Oregon years ago to make his life in West Hollywood. Like his unconventional parents, he’s always been a free spirit, never settling on one job or girl for too long. When he inherits his late uncle’s classic Chevelle, he’s more than happy to let his childhood friend Jamie help.

Jamie and Conner are as different as night and day. Even after years of living apart, they still have a blast together—but now it’s mixed with an undeniable spark of attraction. Before they know it, they can’t keep their hands off each other. For Conner it’s all new and exciting, but Jamie isn’t the type of guy who takes this sort of intimacy lightly.

Conner soon realizes that Jamie quenches something deep inside of him that no one has before, but he doesn’t know how to handle a real relationship. As Jamie’s time in LA comes to an end, and the more they struggle to get on the same page about their feelings, the more Jamie realizes that trying to tie Conner down is as futile as capturing the sun.

ARIANNA’s review


‘Chase the Sun’ is the second installment in Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn’s newest m/m series and like the first installment, it was wonderfully written and so very sweet. These two authors know for sure how to deliver an engrossing, wonderful m/m romance and I’m so looking forward for the next installment/s in the series. While this one was not as emotional as the first book, it was well paced, the sweetness and sexiness fantastically blend and overall a really great friends to lovers story.

“He’s like fuel for my soul and he doesn’t even realize he’s got all of that inside him.”

Jamie and Conner grew up in the same small town in Oregon. They have never been the best of friends, but they had always like each other, both of them cherishing the sweet, fun moments they shared together when they were younger. Jamie never thought to leave the small town he grew up. Firstly, because he works at his father garage helping him with the business and secondly because of his mother’s illness. He likes his life enough. He’s not bored, but he can’t deny he would be happier with a little more excitement in his life. Conner left Oregon as soon as he finished high-school. He moved to West Hollywood wanting to escape the small town as soon as possible. He’s content with his life and like his parents he’s a free spirit wanting to enjoy his life to the fullest, to have fun and not settle on one job or a girl for too long. When Conner’s uncle passes away and leaves him a classic car, the two boys start to communicate with each other again via email. Jamie offers to fix up the car, eventually deciding to drive it to Conner in California since he needs a change of scenery. He decides to spend a few days with Conner since he wants to experience something else other than the simple life he always had lived in Oregon.

Conner and Jamie becomes friends from the very beginning, but slowly with every day that passes their friendship blossoms into something more, something that neither of them expected. But how their relationship can have a future since they live in different States and they have different ideas in relationships.

“Conner feels as vast and bright as the sun and I want to somehow absorb all of that heat and light so that it fills my dark and vulnerable places. All my lonely thoughts. He’s like fuel for my soul and he doesn’t even realize he’s got all of that inside him.”

This was such a sweet friends to lovers story! While the pace of the story was a little slow at times, I really enjoyed this one and I wasn’t bothered this fact at all. I liked the story-line and also the fact that there wasn’t any crazy angst and drama as the story progressed. Both main characters were fantastically developed and as much as I enjoyed their easy friendship, I have to say that I loved their romantic relation ship. I rooted for them from the very beginning. I liked the fact that the two boys were so different from each other. While Jamie was more shy, Conner was open in every way. To be honest I liked these two equally. Both of them were endearing in some way or another. I liked how Jamie accepted so easily the fact that Conner is so fluid when it comes to his sexuality. He was so sweet, caring and thoughtful as the story unfolded. Conner was funny and animated and so endearingly charming at times. I simply loved his personality. As for the connection between them, I truly felt it and it was wonderfully done.

“Everything makes a whole lot more sense when I’m kissing Jamie Tolland.”

I enjoyed the slow build between these two characters. They will give you all the feels. They were so sweet and so perfect for each other in every way. I lost count of the times they made me smile and swoon. I also loved the way, together, they discovered who they are individually, what they want and how great they can be together.

Overall, a sweet, heart-warming read! I’m really looking forward to these two authors’ third collaboration!