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Cat’s Lair (Leopard People, #7) by Christine Feehan

Cat's Lair Book Cover Cat's Lair
Leopard People #7
Christine Feehan
Paranormal Romance
May 5, 2015

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Leopard’s Prey returns to the feral underworld of her astonishing Leopard novels in an arousing new romance of forbidden animal instincts…

Cat Benoit has finally escaped the past—and the man who was the source of her nightmares. She’s off the grid, underground but watchful, and creating a new life for herself in Texas, far from the torrid dangers of her native New Orleans. She’s safe. He’ll never find her this time. Cat has to believe that. It’s the only thing keeping her sane.

Yet she can’t escape the attention of Ridley Cromer, the instructor at the martial arts dojo where Cat takes lessons. She arouses the animal in Ridley—and something feral comes to life when their body heat rises. Cat is in no position to let her guard down with anyone, especially someone who could be endangered by her past. But Ridley has secrets of his own—secrets only Cat would understand. If she dares to trust him.

Val’s Review

3 Stars

I’ve been waiting for some kind of mild inspiration to strike so I could tap out a review for this thing, but alas, the brain seems to be dead this week.

I have no idea why. I blame hormones.

Or the J-O-B. That asshole is always a good scapegoat.


Anyway, this book.

I’m not sure exactly what to say.

So I will just outline exactly what happened for about, oh, 300+ pages or so…

“You are so beautiful.”

“Say you’re mine.”

“Say it!”

“Are you wet for me?”


“Gosh, I’m just not sure about this.”

“I’m so fucking hot the men swarm and yet of course have NO idea I’m hot.”

“Everyone just loves my coffee, tee hee.”


“You are so beautiful.”

“Say you’re mine.”

“This pussy is mine.”

“Say it!”

“You’re so wet for me.”


“Gosh, I’m just still not sure. This is all so sudden.”

“Would you like some beignets?”

“Everyone just loves my beignets, tee hee.”


“You are so fucking beautiful.”

“Say you’re mine.”

“This pussy is all mine.”

“Fucking say it!”


“Fuck, you’re so wet.

“This is all for me, right?”


“I can’t let anyone too close.”

“Kill for the golden clam they will.”

“God I’m so hot, but I have NO idea I am so hot.”

“Coffee with your beignets?”

“Oh my god, I’m so horny.”


“Fuck, you are so beautiful.”

“You’re so wet for me.”



So, I guess what I’m trying to say is…

Outside of the beginning and the very end, this thing was literally them fucking and going around in constant verbal circles.

NON-STOP fucking.

So much fucking I actually started to skim a bit.


Thankfully, the ending delivered some of the action we were promised – and which was held over our heads for upwards of 300 fucking (pun intended) pages – thus this getting 3 stars instead of the 2 stars I was originally going to give this.

Quite frankly, this read more like a Lora Leigh than a Christine Feehan, if that makes sense to those who read both.

Regardless, I enjoyed it well enough.
But I definitely won’t re-read it.
And I’m glad I got it from the library.