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Carnal Secrets (The Phoenix Pack #3) by Suzanne Wright

Carnal Secrets Book Cover Carnal Secrets
The Phoenix Pack #3
Suzanne Wright
Paranormal Romance
February 11, 2014

A pack Alpha and his estranged, true mate wrestle with painful secrets, ruthless enemies, and their own irresistible attraction, in the sexy third book of the Phoenix Pack series.

Half-shifter Shaya Critchley may hold a submissive role in her pack, but she’s done taking orders. After her Alpha wolf mate refused to claim her—but committed to interfering in her life—she took off. Now she hides from him, posing as a human in a town full of anti-shifter extremist groups. She thinks he’ll never find her again, and that suits her just fine. But she’s wrong.

Nick Axton can barely control his feelings for Shaya, but he could never claim her—not if he truly cares for her. The degenerative brain condition he keeps secret would ultimately leave her with a burden rather than a mate. But when Shaya runs away, Nick can’t bear the thought of never seeing her again. After tracking her down, he discovers Shaya’s feisty and passionate side in the process…a side he’d never seen before.

Under the menacing gazes of territorial local packs and violent human extremists, Nick vows to finally claim the spirited Shaya…and despite her initial resistance, Shaya just might find his fiery determination to be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

***Upgraded to 4 Stars after numerous re-reads***

Original Review:

3.5 Stars

I was SO excited for the release of this book, it wasn’t even funny.

Nick and Shaya are both great characters and we have been waiting for their story since book one.

As per Wright usual, the plot was great, the characters were awesome, and the dialogue was bitingly hilarious.

But I just didn’t love it like the first two books in the series.

I felt like Nick and Shaya’s connection wasn’t as strong as I wanted it to be…and Shaya did a couple things that annoyed me big time.

I didn’t feel the same pull between Nick/Shaya as I did with Trey/Taryn and Dante/Jamie.

It’s totally a personal preference thing, but I like my alphas to be over-the-top alpha and I guess I felt like Nick was a little too civilized at times in his need for Shaya. Also, the story got kind of slow in some areas.

Other than that, I liked this well enough, although it might have fallen victim to the “too high expectations” phenomenon.

It was a decent read as I said, it just wasn’t as good as books one and two IMO and didn’t live up to what I had hoped for when it came to Nick and Shaya.