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Cadence (Deception #2) by D.H. Sidebottom, Ker Dukey

Cadence Book Cover Cadence
Deception Series #2
D.H. Sidebottom, Ker Dukey
Fiction, Dark Romance
December 15th 2014


He had her love. Her devotion. He destroyed her with it!

Years I loved Faye Avery from a distance, watched my brother have something he didn’t deserve. She was always too good for him. Dante had a need for control and that grew with him from childhood, infecting her to bend to his whim.

When Dante abandoned her, the girl who put his future and needs before her own, I rediscovered the girl who lost herself to the heartache. She blossomed and flourished in the light of the love she deserved - until he robbed me of her. Breaking her down, dimming the essence of the woman she had become.

Dante had a darkness inside him that led him down a path of depravity. He was too far gone. He functioned on corruption, humiliation, power and retribution, and all for something that never happened.

What he forgets is this! I not only wear his face, I carry the darkness inside of me too, and my wrath will coat him with it so thick he will drown under the rain of my reckoning.

He wants Star, a memory of a girl he used to know. He stole Faye, a woman who owns my heart and is the cadence in mine.

I will find him.

I will find him. I will take her from him.

And then I will kill him.

ARIANNA’s Review


“Cadence” is book 2 in “Deception” series by D.H. Sidebottom and Ker Dukey and picks right where the first book “Façade” ended.

To say that I’m disappointed with this book will be a big understatement. I don’t think I read a dark romance/erotica that disappointed me as much as this one did. And I can’t believe I will say this (after loving the first book), but I was beyond frustrated with what’s going on in this part and more than that, I was a little bored too.

This book was my forth book by Mrs Sidebottom and am second book by Mrs Dukey, so when I’m telling you that these ladies can write I’m not lying. These authors definitely know how to write a dark and gritty romance. If I loved the first book in the series, “Façade”, this one felt a little flat. After the big revelation in book 1, where we find out who Cade is, an interesting twist that left me intrigued and wanting to know how everything will progress, I was expecting this book to blow my mind. Clearly, my expectations were too high.


There’s a lot going on in this book – manipulation, secrets and some new twists and turns and also some dark and violent graphics – but for me there was too much going on. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed! My main problem here was the plot. At times it was all over the place. Also, some events are very predictable. If the first book’s plot blew my mind and kept me on the edge of my seat, here, the plot is just…meh!Not only some events are predictable, but they are very rushed too.

What was interesting was how Faye’s character is developed in this second book. She definitely is different than the first book. She knows who she is and what’s the reality and what was the façade and she’s determined to fight and survive. When it comes to Dante’s character and Cade’s character I expecting something more. First I didn’t understand from where Dante’s darkness came from. I wanted to know how he became a psycho, cause the fact that Faye didn’t look for him when everyone thought that he died, is not enough for me to understand that. Not for me anyway!

Cade’s character wasn’t developed enough for me to like him or to feel something for him. He “tells” how he loved and still loves Faye and blah, blah, but I didn’t “feel” their love at all. Also I didn’t feel his struggles, his inner turmoil….nothing! Another thing that I didn’t like about Cade’s character were some of his lines. At times they are way too sweet ( and sometimes cheesy) for my liking. Let’s not forget this was supposed to be (and in the ned it is) a dark read. When I read a dark romance I expect something that only dark romances have. Duhh! So, if I want sweet and cheesy I pick up a book that I know it’s sweet and cheesy.

All in all, this a nice enough read! Not as good as the first book, but interesting enough to recommend this series if you want something dark and twisted.