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Burn (Dark in You #1) by Suzanne Wright

Burn Book Cover Burn
Dark in You #1
Suzanne Wright
Fiction, Paranormal Romance
June 30th 2015

Part of a small demon lair in North Las Vegas, tattooist Harper Wallis lives a pretty simple life. That changes overnight when she discovers that her psychic mate, or ‘anchor’, is a guy who’s rumored to be the most powerful demon in existence. Compelling, full of secrets and armed with raw sexuality, Knox Thorne is determined to claim her as his anchor, creating a psychic bond that will prevent their inner demons from ever turning rogue. The billionaire also wants Harper in his bed. She’s not so sure she wants either of those things. No one seems to know what breed of demon Knox is, only that he’s more dangerous than anything she’s ever before encountered. But he refuses to walk away. And when an unknown danger starts closing in on Harper, it seems that Knox is the only one who can keep her safe.

As Prime of his Las Vegas lair and a successful businessman, Knox Thorne is used to being in control. He’s also used to people fearing and obeying him. Harper does neither, which unexpectedly amuses him. Unpredictable, elusive, and complex, she draws Knox and his inner demon like nothing ever has. Knox is used to getting what he wants, and he wants Harper. He’ll have her, and he’ll keep her safe from the threat that looms over her. Because Knox protects what’s his. He won’t allow anyone to take her from him. Even if it will mean letting the demon inside him rise and wreak the havoc it was created to make.

Val’s Review

Just as good every time. Know Thorne gets me all hot and bothered…scrumptious I tell you.

Now that I find myself re-reading this for probably the 10th time, I realize it deserves the 5 Star upgrade treatment.


And we should all listen to Miley.

Because she’s an expert in “keeping the faith” and “climbing” to that higher level of classy self-empowerment, after all.


Side note: I always try to imagine the look on poor Liam Hemsworth’s face when he actually saw the above performance.

In my head it looked like this:


Followed closely by this:


But I digress.

Anytwerk, back to my re-read and my sex on a stick Knox Thorne.

Original Review:

4-4.5 Stars

Applause to Ms. Wright!!!

A GREAT start to what looks to be a GREAT new series from one of my favorite authors.

If the “feel” of this story was a love child, its parents would be Feral Sins and Here Be Sexist Vampires because it definitely felt like a cross between the two Series beginners.

In fact, I’ll be curious to see if this book follows the pattern of The Phoenix Pack and has a new focus couple each book, or if the series mainly follows Knox and Harper like Deep in Your Veins follows Sam and Jared.

Anyway, full review later…but if you are on the fence with this one I definitely recommend it.

While I didn’t love it as much as Feral Sins or Wicked Cravings(which are personal favorites of mine – and if they are some of yours too – I don’t want to set expectations into the stratosphere), I definitely enjoyed the shit out of it.

Simply put, if you liked the earlier Phoenix and Sexist Vampsbooks, I think you’d like this one too.