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Broken Prince (The Royals #2) by Erin Watt

Broken Prince Book Cover Broken Prince
The Royals Series #2
Erin Watt
Fiction, New Adult
July 25, 2016

These Royals will ruin you…

From wharf fights and school brawls to crumbling lives inside glittery mansions, one guy tries to save himself.

Reed Royal has it all—looks, status, money. The girls at his elite prep school line up to date him, the guys want to be him, but Reed never gave a damn about anyone but his family until Ella Harper walked into his life.

What started off as burning resentment and the need to make his father’s new ward suffer turned into something else entirely—keep Ella close. Keep Ella safe. But when one foolish mistake drives her out of Reed’s arms and brings chaos to the Royal household, Reed’s entire world begins to fall apart around him.

Ella doesn’t want him anymore. She says they’ll only destroy each other.

She might be right.

Secrets. Betrayal. Enemies. It’s like nothing Reed has ever dealt with before, and if he’s going to win back his princess, he’ll need to prove himself Royally worthy.

Val’s Review

All I can say is….



Oh le giggle.

This book continues the soap opera that is this series, although with a little less…magnetism than book one possessed.

Everything about this book is geared to make us lose our soap operatic shit and do the old:


Followed by the classic:


With a side of this:


Now, while a part of me finds all this fabricated drama silly.

And fucking hilarious, quite frankly.

I am at heart but a small child…

…and thus endlessly fascinated by shiny objects.


And train wrecks.


Can’t forget the train wrecks….

So, of COURSE I will will checking out the catastrophe that I’m sure book three with prove to be.