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Bitter Heat by Mia Knight

Bitter Heat Book Cover Bitter Heat
Mia Knight
Dark Romance
March 29, 2019

She was the wood. He was the flame. After this, they would be ash.

A cruel twist of fate leaves Jasmine Hennessy stranded in a remote cabin with her worst nightmare—her ex-husband, James Roth, who she hasn’t seen in five years. He isn’t acting like the man she married, but did she ever really know him?

One night together kicks off a series of events that threatens her freedom as Roth seeks vengeance on those who ruined him seven years ago. He’s determined to bring her back into the world she left behind where money is king, reputation is everything, and people will kill to keep their secrets.

Author's Note: This is a dark romance novel with triggers and mature themes that may make some readers uncomfortable.

5 Stars

Mia Knight penned one of my most read/re-read series (not to mention one of my TOP book husbands of all time #GavinForever). A series I have LITERALLY read over ten times start to finish.

And that’s not even counting those “revisit” reads in which I only go back and re-read my favorite parts.

Because, whelp, when something is that delicious…you just have to binge on it whenever possible, my friends.

Like a toddler with a jar of Nutella.



^See? #proof

But I digress.

I was lucky enough to be on Facebook a while back (which IS actual luck, because it’s rare that I am anywhere near that den of perfectly curated hashtag lives) and strike up a Messenger convo with Miss Knight – who said she actually knew who I was, by the way.


After admitting to major book sploosh love telling her how much I appreciate her writing, she mentioned she was authoring something new and I begged calmly requested she consider me when sending out ARCs.


Fast forward to this thing hitting kindle the same night I had to attend a wedding…How dare REAL love get in the way of my fictional passion, people!


And then me the next day.


Needless to say, I read this thing in one sitting. You know, one of those never-got-out-of-my-pajamas-and-took-kindle-to-the-bathroom-with-me sittings. Those sittings we as readers PINE for.

And, while I won’t say this will be up there with Crime Lord for me – because nothing ever will be – I LOVED this thing.

The H is a total and complete alphahole of the highest order – my favorite thing of all time.


Seriously though, he is a total dick and does shit that will piss some readers off. If you are a reader who doesn’t dig characters who straddle certain moral lines, this probably isn’t the book for you. And more power to you, no judgment.

We all have and are allowed to have different reading tastes, triggers, and preferences.

I, however, personally love crazy/jacked up/sociopath-ish leading men (aka men I would NEVER date IRL if not already hitched, who might or might not commit acts I would obviously never condone in real life – and am NOT condoning just because I read about it in my FICTION).

Because twisted and heartless.


But, if you are like me in that regard, you would probably love this too.

The chemistry between the H and the h was, in my opinion, off the charts and the story line definitely kept me interested. Knight is very good at showing and not telling. Her characters are very well fleshed out. And the psychological motivations and/or conflicts always make sense as applied to character thoughts and actions.

As I said, I was glued to this thing from beginning to end…and while it doesn’t necessarily end on a cliffHANGER….it definitely ends on a bit of a cliff…dangle. A cliffdangle. There you go, seems legit.


In short, I cannot WAIT for book two.