Contemporary Romance

Bet Me by Lila Monroe

Bet Me Book Cover Bet Me
Lila Monroe
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
January 29th 2017

What happens when your sex strike goes viral -- and suddenly hot men are lining up to sweep you off your feet?

All I wanted was little old-fashioned romance. My cocky, hot new boss Jake swears there’s no such thing, but after a parade of Tinder disasters who think two-for-one wings at Fat Sal’s Brewhouse counts as a good time, I reached my breaking point. I made a pledge: until the men of New York step up their game, my goods are closed for business.

But it turns out that bottle of Chardonnay gave me more than a killer hangover. Instead of hitting ‘send’ to my sister, I posted the video. To the world.

Now my drunken rant has gone viral, and women all over the city are joining the strike. A men’s magazine has even put a bounty on my (ahem) maidenhead: $50k to whoever can get me to break the drought.

I guess I should be careful what I wish for. My office looks like an explosion in a Hallmark factory, but it turns out, finding something real isn’t easy when everyone’s got their eye on my... prize. Jake might be the only one who sees through the mayhem to the real me. But can I trust he’s not just out to claim the glory?

And how will I make it through the strike without scratching the itch - especially when that itch looks so damn good out of his suit…?

Enjoy the thrill of the chaste in Lila Monroe’s hilarious, sexy new romantic read!