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Beautiful Nightmares (Asylum #3) by Lauren Hammond

Beautiful Nightmares
Asylum Series #3
Lauren Hammond
Fiction, Dark Romance
November 19th 2013

The epic, final installment in the Asylum Trilogy.

Sanity is a funny word.
To be sane.
To have clear thoughts.
To be able to distinguish the difference from fantasy and reality.
I used to think that my sanity was still intact.
That all of my marbles were still in the bag known as my mind.
That I would never—EVER—let Oakhill get the best of me.
Now, I’m not so sure. Now I’m not sure if I really am sane…
Or if I’ve lost my mind once and for all.

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ARIANNA’s Review


“Beautiful Nightmares” is the third book in Lauren Hammond’s “Asylum” series.

This final installment was the most confusing book for me in the series and one of the most confusing book I’ve read so far. It was captivating, intriguing, depressing and so much more. It fucked up with my head. If at the end of book 1 I had some questions, here I got only some answers. I still have some unanswered questions. I still don’t understand some things and other things didn’t make sense at all.

There are so many twists and turns that in the end I didn’t know what to think. Who is real and who is a hallucination? What is real? Who is dead? WTF is going on?????????

The plot is too confusing and too complicated, so I won’t say anything about it.

Like the previous books, this one was intriguing and the entire series is very captivating so if you like dark and twisted reads this for sure will work for you.

My advice is to read this series with a buddy. There were moments when I really wanted to talk with someone about what’s happening in this book.

All in all, a great book and a great series!