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Bait by Jade West

Bait Book Cover Bait
Jade West
Fiction, Erotic Romance
August 16th 2017

A stranger online. Dark hair and even darker eyes that knew my dirty desires before I did. 
A fantasy that should never be spoken. But he pulled the confession from me. 
And now he’s coming for me.
Rough. Dirty. Dangerous.
It’s supposed to be one night to get me off and make me forget.
He’ll make me his and I’ll pretend I don’t want him to.
I’ll run and he’ll chase. 
Because I asked him for this.
I begged him for this.

Tonight, in the darkness, he’s the hunter.
And I’m the bait.

Megan’s Review

“Maybe a little darkness will turn us both back toward the light.”

I was really in the mood to delve into something a bit different…..something a bit dark. I absolutely found it with Jade West’s newest release Bait. It was raw, gritty, dark and emotional; it was everything I was looking for and more. I was taken on a ride through this dark world of fantasies and desire to discover the monster that lives within.

From the moment I started this story I was utterly captivated and I just could not stop reading it even if I wanted to. I was so addicted to read and learn more about these characters, their deepest darkest fears, their fantasies and their desperate need to bring these desires to life.

On one hand Abigail is fragile, broken and lost, but on the other hand she is strong and determined. She knows what she wants and how to go about getting it and is finally living out her dreams and fantasy. She craves and needs the pain and fear beyond anything else; she hopes that she will be able to finally move past the pain and darkness to be able to live her life again.

“I’m seeking my monster in the darkness.
I’ll run but you’ll run faster.
We’ll play cat and mouse until you catch me.”

Abigail goes online and calls herself Bait. The username reflects her intention to meet a stranger who will be willing to chase her, hurt her and to make her feel both pleasure and pain. She meets Phoenix online through her search for her monster and during their brief encounter, he makes Abigail feel things she hasn’t felt for a very long time and the thrill of the chase is just too tempting to ignore.

“My demons are running free, dancing with the devil on my shoulder. My sensibilities are long put to bed, and in their place is a wildness I don’t yet recognise as me, but I want to.
I hope this wildness stays. This freedom stays.
I want to feel this high forever.”

Phoenix appears dark and dangerous on the outside, but underneath the dark eyes and tattoos he has a sweet heart. He has been through his fair share of heartache and pain. He has an underlying need to unleash the monster within him and is all too willing to chase his bait. He just hopes Bait is ready to be caught.

One thing I loved most about this story was the characters, how they fit so well together and the level of trust they had for each other was inspiring. In true Jade West fashion, the steam was out of this world hot and the tension caused by them living out their fantasies had me on the edge of my seat. The suspense was literally heart racing.

“You brought me to life again. Being with you gave me hope when I had none. I can’t go back.”

Bait is about two lost and broken souls who come together to find solace within the dark world they create. It was a thrilling ride and captivated me from the first word until the very last. If you are looking for your next read to be a dark erotic and somewhat suspenseful story, then definitely one click this, it is sure to draw you into this dark world as it did me.

About the Author:

Jade has increasingly less to say about herself as time goes on, other than the fact she is an author, but she’s happy with this fact. 

Living in imaginary realities and having a legitimate excuse for it is really all she’s ever wanted. 

Jade is as dirty as you’d expect from her novels, and talking smut makes her smile. 

She lives in the Herefordshire countryside with a couple of hounds and a guy who’s able to cope with her inherent weirdness. 

She has a red living room, decorated with far more zebra print than most people could bear and fights a constant battle with her addiction to Coca-Cola.

Stalk Her:

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