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Ashes (Dark in You #3) by Suzanne Wright

Ashes Book Cover Ashes
Dark in You #3
Suzanne Wright
Fiction, Paranormal Romance
July 4th 2017

Knox and Harper's story continues as the Las Vegas lair - and its two infamous Co-Primes - face their most terrifying enemy yet . . .

Together, Harper and Knox have overcome just about every evil thing you can think of - from Horsemen of the Apocalypse to dark magic practitioners to Lucifer's insistent belief that he's hilarious. They're looking forward to some well-earned downtime - until Harper is attacked by mercenaries in the middle of her tattoo shop. Worse still, the attackers are trying to take her wings - the ones no one is meant to know she even has.

It's a near miss and once a furious Knox has managed to pull his demon back into line there's only one thing clear - someone knows Harper's secrets and is systematically setting out to destroy her. It seems likely that someone is the third Horseman - but how do they know so much about Harper? It seems the impossible might be true - they have an enemy hiding at the very heart of the lair.

To survive Harper will need to embrace power that's darker than she's ever experienced and even Knox can't protect her from everything - though God knows nothing's going to stop him trying. The stakes have never been higher, for if Harper's taken by this new threat, Knox won't be able to stop his demon from taking a vicious pleasure in tearing the world apart . . .

Val’s Review

3.75 Stars

I’ve said it 5,000 times and I’ll say it 5,000 more:
Suzanne Wright is one of my favorite authors.

I have read EVERYTHING she has put out and Knox and Harper are one of my ALL time favorite couples in the fictional universe. Needless to say, I was very excited to see this book (the third book in their series) and I am happy to say that I enjoyed it.


Knox is just as magnetic as always, Harper is aloofly acerbic as always, and there are some interesting new characters coming out to play too (one of whom is a total game changer).

That said though…there were a couple small things that kept me from loving it and rating it higher.



It seemed like there was a lot of summarizing done regarding events from the first and second book, which was kind of weird and felt unnecessary. I don’t remember this happening in the second book in regards to events from the first and it felt overemphasized here.

Being that this is NOT a standalone, I didn’t feel that so much detailed rehashing of previous events needed to be done. It took me out of this story and gave me sense of that “told” and not “shown” feeling.



This book seemed to have more downtime or just more drag than previous books. I found one of the subplot characters to be kind of boring – although it made more sense in the end, I suppose – and perhaps the above mentioned summaries added to this lagging feeling for me.


Regardless, this is a must read for fans of the series.

Knox and Harper experience some major life changes in this book and I am really excited to see where we go from here. I wonder if Wright will always keep this series solely focused on Knox/Harper or if she ever plans on having books on, say, Devon/Tanner or Keenan/Khloe…

In the end, it doesn’t matter, as I will read ANYTHING she writes…but it’s always fun to speculate, no?