Anything but Minor (Balls in Play #1) by Kate Stewart (Nancy)

Nancy’s review

“Why me?”
“It could only be you.”

I’ve been reading nothing but dark or emotional books lately, so I wanted something light and funny for a change. Anything but Minor was exactly what I needed. This was the first book I’ve read from Kate Stewart and I loved it!

The heroine, Alice, is a flight instructor, and she has recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina because she wants an adventure. If she’s curious about something, she goes out and tries it! That’s how she ends up going to a baseball game and meets our hero, Rafe Hembrey.

Rafe has the best stats of any pitcher in the minors. He sleeps with plenty of women but isn’t looking for anything serious. Now isn’t the time to start a relationship either, but with Alice, there’s something more between them, something deeper.

You want to know what I really loved? I loved how Alice finds Rafe attractive but she refuses to be another woman in his bed. He’s cocky, and charming but Alice is having none of it. She makes him work for it, which drives Rafe crazy, in a good way of course. Every minute they spend together, the more he starts to break her resolve.

“I’m not sure what you want me to think of you, Rafe.”
“I’m pretty sure I just want you to think of me, Alice.”

Alice has no filter, she’s quirky and beautiful. Completely different from the women Rafe usually goes for. You can see why he is intrigued. They’re different in so many ways, but complement each other. Rafe has met his game-changer.

She was everything I’d ever wanted and never thought I would find in a woman. And as she slipped her arms around my neck and returned my kiss with the same gentle fire, my heart solidified. It was Alice. It could only be Alice.

There was never a dull moment when they were together. Alice made everything so much fun and enjoyable. I’m exactly like Alice, using google like my life depends on if. I fell in love with her personality. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for nerdy heroines.

Anything but Minor made me smile, laugh, and swoon. This is something you should read if you like a nerdy heroine, a cocky hero, and a good laugh!

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