Anything but Minor (Balls in Play #1) by Kate Stewart (Maria)

Maria’s review

➦This is a type of story that is certainly enjoyable to read but not very memorable. In fact, if I’m being honest, in a couple months time the only thing that I’ll probably remember from this book will be the heroine who pisses herself when she gets nervous. The heroine here is entertaining and unique, that’s for sure.

➦There is some fun banter and a couple of hot scenes… BUT WAIT! There’s a big conflict here! How on earth can you be with someone who is about to be drafted into a major baseball league and make a shit ton of money? I mean, it’s not like you are single and hate your job anyways and can relocate and may be find a different job closer to your super hot, super successful and super rich boyfriend the love of your life! Oh wait, that’s exactly what you are. lol

Will they figure it out in the end? I’m on stand by with a medal, in case they do.

➦To sum it up, I liked the book but it was lacking angst for me. Or the reason behind so called angst.

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