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American Prince (American Queen Trilogy #2) by Sierra Simone

American Prince Book Cover American Prince
American Queen Trilogy #2
Sierra Simone
Fiction, Erotic Romance, BDSM
March 7th 2017

I’ve been many things.

I’ve been a son and a stepbrother. An Army captain and a Vice President.

But only with Him am I a prince. His little prince.

Only with Maxen and Greer does my world make sense, only between them can I find peace from the demons that haunt me. But men like me aren’t made to be happy. We don’t deserve it. And I should have known a love as sharp as ours could cut both ways.

My name is Embry Moore and I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States…for now.

This is the story of an American Prince.

NOTE: Not a Standalone, read series in order!

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American Queen #1
Part of a Trilogy
American Queen #2
Part of a Trilogy

Maria’s Review

➦But in all honesty, I guess what I’m trying to say is that

➦If you thought the first book in this trilogy was hot… then this… I can’t even. I don’t even know how to describe this book to you. This was like American Queen on steroids. lol One thing I do know for sure – this is the best erotic novel I’ve read to date. I’m blown away and speechless, Sierra Simone:

➦If you are like me and you love in depth character development and complicated plots with whole lot of scorching scenes in it then you will love this one. You have to be a fan on M/M & M/M/F, as I’ve mentioned in my review of the first installment of this series.

➦The storyline develops both in the past and in the present and I loved that so much. It gave me a much better understanding of who these three main characters are and what makes them tick. Embry is the star of the show here but Greer gets an occasional POV and Ash is very present in both of their thoughts.

➦There is a balance to every aspect in the story and, even though the book is on the long side, it was never dragging and I found myself devouring it at the speed of light.

➦Ok, yeah, but only about the reading speed. Everything else I swear by. The sex scenes in this book are all unique and refreshing , passionate, dirty and absolutely exhilarating! You get glimpses of Embry with Greer and Embry with Ash in the past as well as all of them in the present. Some scenes might surprise you. I had no clue where this book was going and I’m simply amazed at how active Sierra Simone’s imagination is! lol Cannot wait for the third book in the series!

Book Excerpt

Ash opens his eyes and gives me a sleepy smile.  It’s such an unfamiliar look on him, both the openness of it and the happiness, and I stare into his face, drinking it in like a man dying of thirst.  After Carpathia, after Morgan, after me, after Jenny—I never could have believed that I would see Ash breathe and smile without all that torment suffocating him.  Seeing it, if only for a few minutes, feels like some kind of gift, an unearned blessing.  I reach out and trace his jaw, predictably already rough with stubble, and then run the pads of my fingers over his sleepy smile.

“Is it morning?” he asks.  My cock jumps again at the sound of his voice.  It’s always a little rough around the edges, like someone took sandpaper to his words, but right after sleep, his voice is pure gravel, masculine and hungry.


“Where is she?”

She.  Our Greer.  Once again, I feel the hollow space in the bed where she should be, and I have a brief moment of amused anxiety, because if I can’t stand to be apart from her when she’s in the restroom, how on earth are the three of us going to survive the next two and a half years?  Or shit—six and a half years if Ash gets re-elected?

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“She’s in the bathroom,” I say, trying to suppress this new awareness of how hard our future is going to be.  “I just woke up.”

Ash makes a noise in the back of his throat, and his hand moves on my stomach again.  Moves down, sliding past my navel.  My dick is hard now, hard and pulsing against the cool air.  

“I love it when you first wake up,” Ash tells me, his voice no longer sleepy but still graveled and rough.  “Your eyes look darker with your pupils that wide, and your cheeks get flushed, and your body…” His wicked hand brushes over my crown, swollen and dusky in the dark.  “Your body always looks so willing for whatever I want.”

His hand closes over my shaft and squeezes, and I moan.

“So willing,” Ash repeats in a murmur, and then I expect him to flip me over and push into me, but he doesn’t.  Instead he lets go of my cock and climbs over me, lowering his heavy, hard body onto mine so that our cocks are pinned between our bare stomachs and our chests press together.  His lips pass over mine, the slightest brush, and then he does it again, smiling as I tilt my face up greedily to catch his mouth in a real kiss.

He teases me once or twice more, coaxing a frustrated whimper from somewhere deep inside me, and then he puts us out of our misery and lowers his mouth to mine, parting my lips with his and licking deep into my mouth.  His kiss is slow, but possessive, and he drives the pace and the depth.  I can barely breathe, he kisses me so deeply, but I don’t care. I don’t want to, don’t want any air that Ash himself hasn’t given me.  After a few minutes of this, he pulls back slightly and then presses his forehead to mine.

“Oh, Embry,” he says, his voice cracking.  “How much I’ve missed you.”

My chest cracks open along with his voice.  “Will you ever forgive me?” I whisper.

“For what?”

It’s hard to speak the words, even in the dark.  “For not marrying you.”

His breath leaves him.  “Embry…”

“You can be honest with me,” I say, wanting to be his brave little prince.  Just this once.  “I deserve it.”

His hands frame my face as he pulls back to meet my eyes.  “It will always hurt, Embry.  I can’t pretend that it won’t.  But surely you must know by now, and I’ve told you before…I’ll take you any way I can have you.  If all you’ll give me is a few stolen nights, then that’s what I’ll take.”    

About the Author:

Sierra Simone is a former librarian who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk. She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.

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