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Ambivalent by Stefanie G. Torres

Ambivalent Book Cover Ambivalent
Stefanie G. Torres
Fiction, Romantic Suspense
February 20th 2018

I had a job to do.

An assignment I had been hoping for.

To anyone else it might have appeared easy.

Interview the well-known plastic surgeon, Dr. Kean Bennett.

Determined to succeed, I powered right into it.

Except the man hated the media with an inexplainable passion.

And he despised me for being another annoying journalist chasing a story.

His story.

That’s when I screwed up.

I gave the surgeon the power to destroy me.

Complete obliteration.

I’ve always believed there could be good hiding in the darkness, but maybe I was mistaken.

My problem?

I came to that conclusion much too late.

I had already risked my life to get what I wanted.

Maria’s Review

➦Stefanie G. Torres delivers a very impressive debut novel! I always get very excited to read new author’s work but more often than not I find myself losing interest soon after starting. Well, that didn’t happen here! Stefanie did a great job keeping the reader in the scene and flipping pages. The pace was great and the writing flowed seamlessly.

➦The story follows a young journalist who has been assigned a task of interviewing Mr. hot, brooding and mysterious plastic surgeon. He might be a little scary too. 😀 And hates journalists with a vengeance.

➦What lengths will she go to in order to have him talk to her? May be a little stalking?

➦Fake medical emergency? 

➦I think there were some things that could have made the book even better, particularly more in-depth development of a hero. I felt like his transformation of feelings towards the heroine should have been a bit more gradual. But what I really wanted more was his inner thoughts of turmoil 😀

➦If you like a little mystery in your romances with a twist at the end, do pick this one up! Sealed!