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A Welcome and Some PNR Shenanigans

Hello, hello, hello, people!

Val here.

If you followed me over here from GR to check things out, welcome!
And if you are familiar with Steamy Reads and I am new to you, hello…

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Val.

And here are a few things you need to know about me:


My husband says I have multiple personalities and that I’m offensive.

I do and I am.

I’m sarcastic, have low bullshit tolerance, cuss like a sailor, and work in a male dominated career field, so I can come off as “blunt” & “abrasive.”

But I’m easy going & don’t take myself that seriously – YOU SHOULDN’T EITHER.


I rate books based on MY enjoyment, but I’m here on Steamy Reads solely to help you find some awesome reads.

I am educated, but maintain the right to write shitty reviews with heinous grammar, crappy diction and an unabashed overuse of teenage text-speak…all while displaying a complete lack of class in general.

Book Turn-ONs:
-Alpha males
-BDSM/Dark Shit
-Mate/destined mate trope

Book Turn-OFFs:
-Cheating (with exceptions)
-“HONEY” used as a romantic endearment.
-Dead exes.
-Love Triangles…or any other geometric shape of doom.
-ANY form of animal abuse/cruelty.

My life mantra:

“You have a freak flag. You just don’t fly it.”
-The Family Stone

I DO. Fly that shit high, people.


Other than that, I am super excited to be part of Steamy Reads and I hope you enjoy the site that I have worked so LONG and HARD creating for you.


LOL, just kidding people.

I have NO idea how to do pretty much any of this shit.

My homie Maria is the badass who worked her ass off around here, so – in all sincerity – mucho kudos to her.


So…now that we have that bullshit important “get to know me” information out of the way, let’s talk about Paranormal Romance, shall we?

PNR is one of my most loved sub-genres in Romance.

Werewolves, vampires, angels, shifters, psy-changeling, witches, demons, and most of all…


You name it, I LOVE it.

I love epic battles, good vs. evil, and I am TOTAL sucker for the oh so cliched fated mate trope.

That said, I have read a LOT of PNR over the years and, being that I am going to be the proverbial PNR anchor here on the blog, I thought the best way to introduce myself would be to recap some of my favorite PNR series of all time.

Unfortunately, I read some of these books way before goodreads or this blog, so I don’t have review links for all of them; however, links for the ones I do will be included at the bottom of this post.

Also, this list does NOT include all of my favorites…we will start with just ten of them for now…

So without further ado, and in no particular order…let’s get started.

#1: The Psy-Changeling Series by Nalini Singh.

[supsystic-gallery id=18]

In this futuristic series, the world’s population is divided into three main races: Humans, Changelings, and Psy. Humans are, well, human. Changelings are shifter beings that can change from human form to animal form. And the Psy are a race of people with varying degrees of psychic ability, for which they have had to institute a protocol they call “Silence.”

The first book in this series, Slave to Sensation starts off with a bang and tells us the forbidden romance story of Lucas, the Leopard Changeling Alpha, and Sasha, a Cardinal Psy.

If you are looking for stellar world-building, look no further than Nalini Singh. Seriously though, her skills here are just incomparable. Her writing is flawless and the plot lines in this series are fascinating.

#2: The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward

[supsystic-gallery id=19]

If you are looking for something about Vampires, but with an edge, this series is for you.

J.R. Ward creates an epic world here that is truly impressive.

Also, an element in this series that sets it apart is the bromance aspect that is an inherent part of the brotherhood. You will enjoy these male bonding moments as much – if not more- than the romance aspects.

This is truly one of my favorite Vampire series and book three (Lover Awakened) is one of my all time favorite PNR books, PERIOD; however, you must start this series from book one.

#3: The Phoenix Pack Series by Suzanne Wright

[supsystic-gallery id=20]

This series is one of my favorite werewolf/wolf shifter series. Wright’s writing style is hilarious as well as just wickedly sexy. Her heroines are some of my favorites – which is REALLY saying something – and and the steam level of these books is seriously “Bod Approved.”

A bonus to this series is its spin off series, The Mercury Pack, which is just as good as this one and shares a lot of the same characters.

The Dark in You Series is another excellent PNR series by this author.

[supsystic-gallery id=21]

I know, I know…I am totally cheating by listing two series here, but the Dark series only has two books thus far…and I straight just couldn’t help myself.

But whatevs!

This series stars one of my ALL time FAVORITE anti-heroes, Knox Thorne. He is the epitome of powerful alpha male and I adore him.

Set in a world in which demons secretly live among us, Knox in the owner/leader of the Demon Underground. If you love PNR, uber sexy alpha males, a snarky badass heroine, and panty melting sexy times, this series is most definitely “Bod Approved” and I highly recommend it.

#4: The Highlander Series by Karen Marie Moning

[supsystic-gallery id=22]

If you like both PNR and historicals, namely Highlander historicals – which I SOOOO do – then this series will do you up right. Starting in modern times, we are magically transported back to 16th-century Scotland with our heroine to a place where a pair of Druid twins can change everything. And boy are they hot as hell too.

Unlike Moning’s Fever Series, each book in this series focuses on a different couple which, personally, I prefer over long running series which focus on the same protagonist. My favorite book in this series is The Immortal Highlander, however, with the exception of book one, I love every book in this series. I recommend starting this series with what is technically book four, Kiss of the Highlander.

#5: The Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh

[supsystic-gallery id=23]

This book takes place in a world where angels and archangels live among us and rule from high rises instead of the heavens. Vampires also play a starring role in this series, but with a totally fresh take on Vampirism and its origins. Elena, our heroine, is a “Guild Hunter” who hunts rouge vampires. She is a total badass and one of my favorite heroines.

But the one thing about this book that sets it apart from all others is that it has one of the most dominating, rip your clothes off as fast as you can, sexy as fuck heroes of all time. I would recommend it just for that.

#6: The Darkness Series by Katie Reus

[supsystic-gallery id=24]

While this series has been around a while, I only discovered it this year. And thank GOD I did, because it contains my favorite PNR element: DRAGONS.

So if, like me, you love awesomely sexy world building, great plot lines and erhmagherd dragons, this one is for you.

#7: The Krinar Chronicles by Anna Zaires

[supsystic-gallery id=25]

In this series, we are introduced to a world that has been…somewhat taken over by the Krinar aka some badass aliens from another galaxy. Korum, a male Krinar, meets and must have a human female, Mia. If you like heavy steam against the backdrop of a good captivity theme, then this one is for you.

Anna Zaires is a very talented writer and the world she has created in this series is pretty impressive with it’s fascinating back story and interesting sci-fi details. Plus? Super smutty.

So, score.

#8: The Breeds Series by Lora Leigh


You can’t have a legit conversation about Paranormal Romance and not talk about this series. One of the longest running series I know of (30+ last time I checked), this series is about the Breeds – the result of a genetic experiment conducted by human scientists which resulted in different breeds of man/beast hybrids.

Books in this series can be very hit and miss for me as they can tend to get a little convoluted and repetitive; but as a whole, it’s a solid series and definitely worth mentioning. My two favorite books in this series are Coyote’s Mate (which is also one of my top favorite PNR books, period) and Aiden’s Charity.

#9: The Cyborg Seduction Series by Laurann Dohner

[supsystic-gallery id=26]

Set in the future, this series features Cyborgs, a race of people genetically created by humans to be a sort of “smart android” army/work force. Of course, this doesn’t work out so well when the humans realize that Cyborgs are sentient, free-thinking beings and the Cyborgs realize they don’t want to be held captive anymore. Eventually, the Cyborgs escape Earth and the humans and found their own society on their own planet, and that is where this series starts.

I personally read these books as guilty pleasures. They are a little bit campy and tongue-in-cheek in nature…basically space porn, quite frankly, so keep that in mind. My favorite books in this series are Taunting Krell and Redeeming Zorus.

Other awesome PNR series by this author are her New Species Series, her Zorn Warriors Series and (my personal favorite) her Mating Brand Series.

#10: Chronicles of Ylandre by Eressë

[supsystic-gallery id=27]

Don’t let those creepy as fuck covers fool you.

This series is legit.

Seriously though, this is one of the best, most well done series I have ever read. Eressë’s creativity and world building here is crazy awesome and I bow down to the skillz.

Taking place in a world where men and women no longer exist – everyone is “dual-gendered,” this book is a mix of royal court intrigue and romance at it’s finest.

For my fellow M/M fans who also love PNR, this one is for you. And if this disclaimer doesn’t get your attention:

“Contains hermaphrodism and explicit homoerotic sexual encounters.”


I hope you find at least one series from the above listed series that strikes your fancy.

If not…


Just kidding.

If none of the above sparked your interest, I plan on doing more “Best of PNR” posts featuring other awesome PNR series.

Or, you can always shoot me a message on here or via Goodreads.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed the post. Peace out homies!