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A 2107 Recap and Bookish Resolutions for 2018

Happy New Year, Steamy Peeps!

I hope you all got drunk and sloppy rung in the new year safely and responsibly.


Before we get into 2018, let’s recap 2017 right quick, eh?

2017 was an interesting year.

Personally…professionally…and of course, reading and book-wise – for me at least.

Stat-wise, according to goodreads, I read a total of 219 books, with an average 3.5 rating.


Not bad.

Not bad at all.

In fact, all in all all, I feel pretty good about this year.

As I said above, it has been interesting…and by that I mean, I had a lot going on in my personal life.

Thus, I know I didn’t do as many reviews as I have in years past.
I also know I haven’t been as active on goodreads or been very good about getting regular posts here on the blog.

But that’s just life, and real life will always come first.

I don’t believe in forcing myself to review something I have nothing to say about.
Or forcing myself to blog posts when I have nothing I want to share or talk about.

Also, I experienced a defined shift in my reading tastes and interests this year.

As I say in my “about me” section, I have been a huge reader since I was nine years old.


And since that time (I am now 35 years young, my friends), I have always been drawn mostly toward paranormal and, of course, my beloved romance.

If a book didn’t have at least SOME kind of romance in it?



This year though?

I discovered high fantasy….

…a newfound interest in historical fiction…

…and – thanks to book subscription boxes like OwlCrate and a brief stint down the rabbit hole that is booktube – a renewed interest in YA fantasy.

I also became very interested in minimalism and living a life with less stuff and less stress.

Of course, being that is a process…I was able to curb my spending on clothing and shoes and other nonsense I used to waste money on…


…but I seemed to funnel some of that need to spend into buying more books.

Don’t believe me?


Yeah…that’s ridiculous.

And no, this is not me bragging about my mad sale/deal finding skills or saying “look at how many books I have,” this is me saying…

…the first step in battling an addiction is admitting you have an addiction…

Because what you DON’T see in that above picture?

Is my OTHER TWO FULL bookcases which have hundreds more books in them.


Which brings me to the true point of this post…


Nice segue, right? *snort*

Anylame, off we go.

1) READ all the books on the above pictured shelves
( I have read all of the books on the other two shelves).

Yes, I realize this is probably not going to happen.

But I’m gonna do my damndest to get it done.
Cause it feels ridiculous to have so many unread books on my shelves.

2) FINISH all of the series I have started and not completed.

I have so many series I have read book one or all but the final book in…and it’s driving me fucking nuts, you guys.

3) Read at least ONE classic book a month.

If you couldn’t see in that picture up there…I have a whole shelf of classics.


All of them I have either not read or read so long ago that I want to re-read them as an adult, namely my all time favorite, Paradise Lost, which I haven’t read since my sophomore year in college.

4) Utilize my LIBRARY more often.

I have a legit AWESOME library system where I live.

Seriously, they usually have every book I go looking for, either in physical form or via ebook, and so there is just NO reason for me to waste money on books I’m not sure about not make better use of it.

I did manage to read the first quarter of the JD Robb In Death series via the library, but there are some other books and series I definitely should have checked out from the library instead of purchasing because I ended up not loving them.

If I DO end up loving something and just HAVE to have it (because I’m a greedy and privileged little child) – I will just go buy it AFTER I make sure I love it AND WILL RE-READ it. I did this with the ACOTAR series and plan to read it again this year before book four comes out.

Which I already pre-ordered. Because EXCEPTIONS.


All that said.

I’m not going to be a Nazi about any of these rules.
Reading is my main source of fun and entertainment – so I’m not going to force myself to do anything that might make it feel NOT fun.

Plus, I work really hard for my money.

So, at the end of the day, if I wanna blow it all on books, fuck it.

Imma do it.

But there you have it, folks.

My list of “resolutions” that I already – on the first day of the new year, no less – already said I probably won’t stick too.

But hey, here’s to trying, eh?


What are some of YOUR resolutions?