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My Sexy Professor by Juliette Jones

My Sexy Professor Book Cover My Sexy Professor
Juliette Jones
Fiction, Erotic Romance
February 14th 2017

This is a novella.

Ivy Quinn has a problem: she can’t stop fantasizing about her sexy professor. Economics class has become pure torture, until she makes a pact with herself: she’s going to seduce him. But can she get this sexy buttoned-up beast to unleash his wild side?

Colton Harrison also has a problem. He’s sporting a perpetual hard-on for the ridiculously hot student who sits in the front row of his freshman economics class. This is not only becoming obvious, it’s also jeopardizing his job. But when Ivy comes to his office to get some extra help, there’s no way in hell he can resist taking what’s his.

MY SEXY PROFESSOR is a super-sexy quickie guaranteed to get you an A … er, I mean O 🙂

Megan’s Review


Wow! “My Sexy Professor” is an absolutely hot as hell novella by Juliette Jones. If you devour insta-love stories comprising of a sexy, possessive, alpha male and a sweet virginal heroine then you definitely need to check this one out. I loved it. It was a hot, steamy, forbidden romance and I simply could not get enough. Question: if you have lusted after something or someone, as the case may be, for months, then the real thing could not possibly be as good as the fantasy right? Answer: NOPE! It’s even better. 

Ivy is currently at university studying Economics and has spent the past 6 months fantasising over her sexy professor, Professor Colton Harrison. Little does Ivy know that the attraction she feels for her professor is completely mutual. Ivy finally bites the bullet and asks her professor for some extra help in an attempt to seduce him. 

Professor Colton Harrison has had a complete hard on for his student Ivy from the first moment she walked into his class. He is however in a predicament because succumbing to his feelings towards Ivy could end his teaching career and her remaining at the university to complete her tertiary degree. 

“My Sexy Professor” was such an addictive, well written novella. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone who loves their forbidden teacher/student romances with plenty of steam, sex and dirty talking. It was so bad that it was so good. This story reminds me that there are things out there worth risking your whole reputation and career for and that sometimes reality can be even better than the fantasy. “My Sexy Professor” goes live on 16 February, do yourself a favor and pick up this naughty little treasure. 

ARIANNA’s review

Juliette Jones delivers a sexy, entertaining little gem that will, for sure, leave you hot and bothered. ‘My Sexy Professor’ is hot as hell, fast-paced and pretty enjoyable from beginning until the end. If you love hot insta-love taboo romances, then you will probably enjoy this one.

“Every time I see Professor Harrison, my panties get wet.”

Ivy is an eighteen years old young woman who is lust with her sexy professor, Colton Harrison. She has been wanting him for the past 6 months, wanting desperately to get her hands on him. She wants for him to notice her, she wants to drive him as crazy as he makes her. She wants a REAL man to take her virginity, not a clueless boy from campus, so she needs her favorite Professor to be that man. Ivy decides to seduce him, so she tells him she need some extra help with one of her assignments in his class. When Ivy meets Professor Harrison in his office, she offers up to him without any reservations. She’s not so surprised when Colton seems interested in her.

Colton has been lusting for Ivy for a while. His student is more than sexy and all he wants is to devour every part of her. However, he’s her professor and any kind of relationship with her is forbidden, but when Ivy makes clear what she wants from him, he can’t resist the temptation.

“You want my thick cock inside this tight little pussy, don’t you, baby girl? That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? You want me to fuck you real good, don’t you, Ivy?”

Juliette’s newest release is smoking hot! The story-line is pretty engaging and the two main characters are interesting. Colton is hot as hell, possessive, sweet and protective and Ivy is a young woman who knows what she wants and needs. The chemistry between them was great and the sex scenes – scorching hot.

If you are looking for a short, hot read, with insta-everything and some very hot sexy scenes, low in angst and drama, look no further and pick this one up!