Welcome to STEAMY READS Blog!

Well hello there, folks.

As said above, my name is Val…or “shameless, bitchy, skank,” if you so prefer. Because, well…I’m a shameless and bitchy skank with no filter and no fuc*ks given.

I have been an active reader since the age of nine when my fourth grade teacher required that we read for 30 minutes a day…and my parents actually made me do it. Needless to say, I love me some Nancy Drew, Judy Blume, and Sweet Valley High.

I read my first… “descriptive” *ahem* romance novel when I was 11 year old. Dear old Dad had clearly NO idea what he was actually buying me. Whoops!

These days, while I have and do occasionally read across all genres, my book drug of choice is Romance – all genres, but especially Paranormal, Sports, Military/Spec Ops, Urban Fantasy, BDSM/dark romance, M/M, historical, and erotica.

If I’m not somewhere reading, you can usually find me running/ellipticizing at the gym, walking around Disneyland with my husband, scouting for new shoes and home decor at the mall, mainlining caffeine at a coffee shop, or trolling the aisles of BevMo. Because WINE.

Otherwise, I hope myself and the other Steamy Reads ladies lead you to some awesome books.

Happy Reading!

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