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American Prince (American Queen Trilogy #2) by Sierra Simone 
Erotic Romance – Part of a Trilogy

This book right here is as steamy as they come, people! If you’re a fan of erotica with some M/M/F and M/M action as well as complex characters and plots then this is a must read!!! Set in the political world, this trilogy will take you on an incredible journey through the years where three people try to find happiness while making sacrifices along the way. Two powerful men – the President and his VP – fall in love with the same woman… while… wait for it… also being in love with each other. While all of their relationships are unique and intricate on their own, what will happen when all three of them come together and try to make the polygamous relationship work? Complicated? Yes! HOT? Double yes! The first two books are out, read in order!

Dirty Filthy Rich Men (Dirty Duet #1) by Laurelin Paige 
Contemporary Romance – Part of a Duet

Is it hot in here? *wipes forehead* If you’re a fan of hot, dominating, and tortured alpha asshole heroes who wear a suit 24/7 and like it rough in bed, then grab this book! This is a first installment in the Dirty Duet and if you want to test the waters simply get this prequel for FREE first. Also, do read our review to decide if this book is right for you! (NO SPOILERS, we promise! – but there are some triggers) Laurelin Paige delivers fantastic writing in this novel, which walks a thin line between a contemporary and an erotic romance… because DAYMN! Can you say steamy???

The Brave Line by Kate Stewart 
Standalone Contemporary Romance

HOT COP, ANYONE? This new contemporary romance – not PRN, people! No, they are not aliens on the cover! lol – from Kate Stewart is gripping, engaging and REAL and will give you all the FEELS! A possessive and bossy cop for a hero with a bit of a tortured past will surely keep you flipping through the pages. Watch him transform from a guarded man who doesn’t believe he deserves happiness into a protective lover who gradually learns to love, trust and accept. If you’re a fan of emotional, as well as sweet and sexy reads then do give this one a chance!

Dishonorable by Natasha Knight 
Standalone Dark Romance

Natasha Knight delivers her best work yet in this amazing dark and sensual novel filled with suspense, mystery, action and steam!!! It’s filled with intensity and grittiness and employs a revenge plot as well as an arranged marriage trope that we love oh-so-much! Raphael is a tortured and dangerous hero with tragic past – he’s cocky, arrogant and a real a$$hole. As the story unfolds, however, we get to see a different, vulnerable and sensitive side of him. As well as a possessive one!!! Where Raphael is dark and twisted, Sophia, his wife, is light and pure and brings out a sweet and caring part of his character. The chemistry between these two characters is off the charts and the sex scenes hot as hell and so full of passion. Do give this one a shot if you’re a fan of dark, gritty and consuming reads!

Dirty Souls (Sins Duet #2) by Karina Halle
Dark Romance – Part of a Duet


 Oh, Karina Halle… she always manages to keep you in suspense with her dark, gritty stories, intriguing multi-layered characters and captivating plot twists! 🔥 This book is no exception! Ruthless hero at the top of the cartel trained to kill – yes please! Can we just take some time to drool over the cover here? 😏 Add an endearing, sensitive and shy heroine to the mix and you got yourself a pretty naughty cocktail. With his dirty mouth, persistence and off the charts sexual drive, the hero will slowly, but surely, introduce the heroine to a new world of pleasure, pain and passion. Both books of the duet are out so get them!!!

Riot (Scarred Souls #4) by Tillie Cole 
Dark Romance – Can Standalone

If you’re a fan of dark romance and haven’t read this series by Tillie Cole yet, then… what are you waiting for??? And if you’ve read the previous books, then you’ll be pleased to know that this installment is, in our opinion, the best one yet!!! Although this book can technically be read as a standalone we do recommend reading this series in order to get the best out of the story. It’s dark, gritty, brutal, filled with action, suspense and, of course, romance. It’s a story of love, healing, family and sacrifice. How can an imprisoned fighter and a slave find love despite all that’s against them? This possessive alpha hero who, despite his rawness and roughness, has a gentle soul and will do anything to keep his lover safe. And the heroine is strong and full of hope, despite all the abuse endures. For those who love intense, brutal, gut-wrenching but, at the same time heart-warming reads, this one is definitely recommended!

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Scarred Souls #1
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Scarred Souls #3
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Scarred Souls #4
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Mists of the Serengeti by Leylah Attar – Standalone Contemporary Romance

A story of love, redemption, healing and finding who you are, ‘Mists of the Serengeti’ is a must read! Rodel, the heroine, embarks on a journey to Africa in hopes of finding peace she so desperately needs as well as getting a new perspective on life. By a crazy twist of fate she crosses paths with Jack, a man who has very little left to live for. They start their healing together by learning to share their pain and grief and, ultimately, fall in love with each other. If you enjoy contemporary romance then this epic love story should be on your TBR! The beautiful setting of Tanzania, Africa, and the amazing descriptions of it are spectacularly done. This book will suck you in with its magical, lyrical prose, a fascinating premise and a captivating story-line. 

Royally Matched (Royally #2) by Emma Chase – Contemporary Romance – Can Standalone

This book is simply awesome if you’re looking for something fun, light and sexy but with a whole big wagon of FEELS too! You will be submerged into the world of royalty, where prince Henry takes part in a TV reality show with multiple ladies competing for his heart. So what are the chances of him falling for someone who isn’t even part of the cast? Intrigued? Go get him, ladies! 


Four Crows by Lily White – Dark Romantic Suspense – Standalone

‘Four Crows’ is a story about seeking revenge, discovering who you are, moving on and finding love. The chilling plot, the forbidden aspect of the story, the secrets and betrayals, definitely make this book a very unique read. A man fueled by rage and sorrow embarks on a journey of revenge to find out those responsible for the disappearance if his family. He encounters a woman who he decides to use in his quest of finding out the truth. But, once he gets to actually know her, he might or might not feel good about using her for his cause. So what can you expect from this story? Expect secrets, betrayal, violence and some very gut-wrenching moments.


Anything You Can Do by R.S. Grey – Standalone Contemporary Romance

 How about some rivalry at the work place? This new romantic comedy from R.S. Grey tells a story of two doctors competing for one dream – taking over the medical practice they both work for. These two hate each others’ guts and if you’re a fan of enemies to lovers tropes then this one should definitely hit the spot! The transition from enemies to lovers was fantastically done and so very delicious! There’s just enough sexiness, sweetness and humor to keep you entertained from cover to cover!


Wardrobe Malfunction – Standalone Contemporary Romance

 This novel has a good amount of entertaining banter, funny situations, delicious steam and angst. It has a little bit of everything. If you are a fan of “celebrity falls for a regular girl” trope then this one is for you. The hero of this novel is a celebrity movie star and he has a secret affair with his wardrobe assistant while filming his next big movie. There is a forbidden factor here because they have to hide their relationship form everyone and a definite anticipation/fear of what happens if they get exposed. Want light, fun and sexy? Pick this one up!

Menace (Scarlet Scars #1) by J.M. Darhower -Dark Romance – Part of a Duet

J.M. Darhower never ceases me to amaze  with her well developed, dark and gritty tales, fascinating story lines and multi layered anti-heroes.  Menace is a first installment of the Scarlet Scars Duet and is full of turns and twists, with just a little bit of everything that makes a dark story a captivating read – dark elements, suspense, action and steam. Lorenzo is a “perfect” anti-hero – dangerous, confident, ruthless, intimidating, intense and screwed up in the head. This story will be the perfect for you if you enjoy dark, gritty and violent reads filled with some interesting action and suspense. The second part of the fuet comes out on Feb 6. 

Dear Life by Meghan Quinn – Standalone Contemporary Romance

This novel tells a story of four people who attend a program called ‘Dear Life.’ Each one of these characters’ situation is unique, emotional and though-provoking. This real and honest story will take you on their journey of healing, acceptance and learning to live again. If you are looking for something different, for something poignant, for something honest and real, don’t hesitate and pick this one up. Read it, experience it, live it and love it!   

Vicious (Sinners of Saint #1) by L.J. Shen -Contemporary Romance – Can Standalone

Vicious is delicious and we think everyone should meet him! Beware – he starts out as a heartless and ruthless asshole! But not to worry, L.J. Shen did a wonderful job with his redemption. Vicious is broken, complicated, cruel, angry and tortured, but underneath all his layers he’s a good, sweet and interesting guy. The two main characters are absolutely fantastic together, their chemistry is off the charts and sexual tension between them is down right combustible. If you enjoy alpha asshole heroes and enemies to lovers novels, then this one is for you! Also, be sure to check out ‘Defy’– a prequel to ‘Vicious.’ It’s a naughty student/teacher novella and can also be read as a standalone. 

Egomaniac by Vi Keeland – Standalone Contemporary Romance

If you haven’t read this author before, then you should definitely rectify that. We think ‘Egomaniac’ is her best book to date! It is sweet, sexy, full of witty banter and delightful interactions between two main characters. Add an angsty ending and you got yourself a well-rounded romance novel! The hero here is cocky and sarcastic with a very sweet side. He will melt your heart and get you hot and bothered with his dirty mouth. If you are looking for a sweet, sexy, lighthearted read, with plenty of funny moments, then you MUST read this one!

On Broken Wings (Wild Aces #3) by Chanel Cleeton -Military Romance – Can Standalone

‘On Broken Wings’ is, without a doubt, Chanel Cleeton’s best book to date. She really outdid herself with this equally heartwarming and heartbreaking third installment. You won’t be able to put this book down! This story is poignant and emotional with every single aspect of the it fantastically written. It will, very likely, move many readers to tears. The hero, Alex, will blow you away! He is truly a heroEvery single one of his actions or words will warm your heart and make you swoon. If you are looking for a sweet, emotional read with two endearing characters that will make you feel, look no further and read this amazing story! all books in this series

Wild Aces #1
Can Standalone
Wild Aces #2
Can Standalone
Wild Aces #3
Can Standalone

Good Boy (WAGs #1) by Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy – Contemporary Romance – Can Standalone

Are you ready to meet Blake, steamy people? This hero is a giant man-child who will make you laugh, swoon and fall in love with his giant hockey stick heart of hold. If you’re a fan of romances with plenty of funny banter, sport elements (hockey, in this case) and some angst to give you the feels, then do give this one a look! all books in this series

WAGs #1
Can Standalone
WAGs #2
Can Standalone

Force of Temptation (The Mercury Pack, #2) by Suzanne Wright – Can standalone.
If you haven’t read anything by Suzanne Wright, you are seriously missing out. One of my top favorite PNR authors, Wright pens some of my favorite heroines. They are snarky AND badass. A spinoff of her Phoenix Pack Series, Force of Temptation is the second book in her Mercury Pack Series and features wolf shifter Jesse and Margay shifter Harley. This is the first of Wright’s shifter books that features a blended shifter couple and I absolutely loved it. While this hypothetically COULD stand as a standalone, I would recommend reading this series in order…staring with book one of the Phoenix series, Feral Sins. Enjoy! xoxo Val  

Closer (Closer) by Mary Elizabeth – Part of a series – small cliffhanger.
‘Closer’ is the first installment in Mary Elizabeth’s newest new adult series. It is fantastically written, intense and full of passion, angst and emotion. This story of obsession and passion is 100% addictive. Teller and Ella’s story took my breath away so many times. I love intense, angsty stories and Mary Elizabeth delivered an amazing one. Told in dual POV, both in the past and in the present, this book will keep your attention from the very first chapter. What I love the most about this author’s stories are her amazing characters and the crazy, yet captivating dynamic between them.  xoxo, ARIANNA