Featured New Authors

Featured Debut and New Authors

These are some awesome reads we discovered by debut, new and new to us authors in the past months!
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A War Like Ours by Saffron A. Kent – Standalone Contemporary Romance

Saffron A. Kent’s debut novel is simply enthralling. It is fantastically written, compelling, unique and absolutely addictive. The hero of this story is a father to a four year old girl and he is having a hard time dealing with the death of his wife. On top of all that he hasn’t broken the bad news to his daughter yet. In hopes of doing so, he takes them to a summer resort for three weeks, where he ends up meeting the heroine. She is a maid at the resort, an assertive and sharp-witted woman who tries with every opportunity to make his life miserable. So why does he find her to be so irresistible? If you enjoy reading about taboo/unconventional relationships then do give this book a look!

Mists of the Serengeti by Leylah Attar – Standalone Contemporary Romance
A story of love, redemption, healing and finding who you are, ‘Mists of the Serengeti’ is a must read! Rodel, the heroine, embarks on a journey to Africa in hopes of finding peace she so desperately needs as well as getting a new perspective on life. By a crazy twist of fate she crosses paths with Jack, a man who has very little left to live for. They start their healing together by learning to share their pain and grief and, ultimately, fall in love with each other. If you enjoy contemporary romance then this epic love story should be on your TBR! The beautiful setting of Tanzania, Africa, and the amazing descriptions of it are spectacularly done. This book will suck you in with its magical, lyrical prose, the fascinating premise and captivating story-line.  Leylah Attar is a new to us author but we are blown away by her talent and are looking forward to reading more of her books in the near future!

Red (Love in Color #1) by S.M. West – Dark/Suspense Romance – Can Standalone
If you are looking for a suspense/mystery novel or you simply want to try a debut author, S.M. West is the author you are looking for. ‘Red’, a story of surviving, finding love and learning to move on, is gripping, well-written and action-packed. Tate, the heroine, is driven by revenge and she teams up with FBI at which point she meets Rylan, a sexy FBI angent who is also her handler.  Both of them fight the undeniable attraction between them, trying not to cross lines. But as time passes and the connection between them grows, how much longer will they be able to deny the depth of their feelings for each other? If you’re a fan of romantic suspense you will most likely enjoy this novel with its well-portrayed characters, engaging and fast-paced plot.

Complex Kisses by Kim Bailey – Standalone Contemporary Romance
We are always in search for new talent and I was oh so pleasantly surprised when I picked up Kim bailey’s debut novel ‘Complex Kisses’. This standalone contemporary romance tells a story about a two people who find love in the midst of some unfortunate circumstances. It’s a story about hope, healing and second chances. If you love somewhat emotional reads do give this one a shot and don’t worry it’s not the ‘bawl your eyes kind of read’ while it still evokes some strong emotions. xoxo, Maria

Detoured by Love by Michelle Lynn – Standalone Contemporary Sports Romance
Detoured by Love’ is one of the best adult romance I’ve read this year. The story is fantastically written and will hold you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. It’s an equally heartbreaking and heartwarming read which has a little bit of everything. – fun and light but also angsty and emotional. It’s addicting, well written, entertaining and very easy to read. Needless to say, Carly and Bryant’s story was one of the most refreshing sports romances I’ve read so far. xoxo, ARIANNA


Wolfsong by T.J. Klune – Standalone Paranormal M/M Romance
T.J. Klune isn’t a new author but he certainly is new to us! But boy, are we glad to have discovered him. ‘Wolfsong‘ was the first book we’ve read by him and we were absolutely blown away. This novel features wolf shifters and is just plainly amazing. It follows a relationship between two men over a span of many years and has everything from humor, complex character development to scenes that will give you the feels. And let us tell you, you might need some tissues. There might not be any ugly crying but some tearing up will surely be happening. If you have not tried any M/M and are looking to sample the waters this book would be a perfect read for you.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne – Standalone Romantic Comedy
Another amazing find by a debut author Sally Thorne! If you are looking for an entertaining read this romantic comedy featuring a love-hate relationship in an office setting should definitely hit the spot! A misunderstood asshole hero will make you swoon by the end. The banter… the banter is great in this one! And although low on steam, this book is definitely a sizzler that will make you tingle all over! At least we hope it will if you give it a chance.


Little Band of Red (The Red Series, #1) by Lily Freeman – Part of a Series – Erotic BDSM Romance
This is Lily Freeman’s debut novel and she certainly has done a fantastic job with it! If you are looking for somewhat of a different take on BDSM give this trilogy a shot. The story starts with PJ, a young woman from New Zealand winning a lottery and moving to London on a whim. She abandons her previous life and buys her own place in London, where she makes new friends: two gay neighbors and a woman who invites her to go to a newbies orientation at a… a BDSM club! PJ reluctantly agrees and when she attends the club she meets a man. All I can say is that the trilogy will certainly take you places you never thought it would. There are a lot of different relationships developed in this book and a lot of issues these characters deal with. In this series, Lily Freeman explores the concept of fate – the choices people make and how those choices effect their lives. Oh, and it’s hot. Really hot!