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TOP 6 STEAMY Recommendations – May 2018

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One Baby Daddy (Dating by Numbers #3) by Meghan Quinn  - Contemporary Romance - Can Standalone
Meghan Quinn brings us the story of the final man from the Three Blind Dates series and she doesn't disappoint! If you have been following the series, then the much anticipated story of Hayden Holmes, NHL star, is not to be missed. This book definitely delivers and if  heartwarming, sexy, swoony, and fun is what you're looking for, then look no further! 



Piece of Work by Staci Hart  - Standalone Contemporary Romance

After reading Piece of Work it has reconfirmed for us yet again why Staci Hart always gets us super excited. Her writing always feels so effortless, her characters lovable and her plotline is always stimulating, engaging and above all else - impressive. The sexual chemistry is off the scales steaming hot, and the anticipation and angst will keep those pages flipping at super speed. This is a forbidden love story with just the right amount of angst, steam and sexual tension.  We urge you to one click this addictive Piece of Work.



Worth the Risk by K. Bromberg  - Standalone Contemporary Romance

K. Bromberg always brings the angst and boy, did she bring it with Worth the Risk. If second chance single dad romances are your jam, then you definitely want to grab this one! The heroine of this story is sent to a small town to help save one of her company's magazines and she comes up with a genius idea of running a "hot dad" contest. The hero is entered into said contest without his knowledge by his brothers and ends up making it to top 10. It takes quite a bit of convincing from the heroine to keep him in the running and despite the animosity between these two main characters, there's undeniable sexual chemistry brewing. The transition to friends and lovers is gradual and the reader will definitely feel the struggle of these two people trying to overcome their internal demons in order to be together. 



Bane (Sinners of Saint #4) by L.J. Shen  - Contemporary Romance - Can Standalone

Bane is book 4 of one of our favorite series of all time, Sinners of Saint. It was definitely well worth the wait as L. J. Shen knows how to write a sexy as sin bad boy who is sooooo bad to the bone and completely unapologetic for the way he is. This book will stir up a multitude of emotions like a rollercoaster. It is heartbreaking, sad, raw, complex, and unique. No review will do justice to this epic story. So our advice is to just delve in and enjoy the ride.



An Imperfect Heart by Amie Knight  - Standalone Contemporary Romance

We are yet to discover a book by Amie Knight that we have not absolutely loved. An Imperfect Heart is different though, it is more, so much more; more emotion, more powerful and a lot of heart. An unexpected pregnancy, aspirations put on hold, an unborn baby with heart condition and someone who will stop at nothing to save her child. Throw in a hot pediatric cardiologist and you have a poignant and emotional story of unconditional love, faith, hope, inner strength and that beautiful gift of a second chance. One for those who love their emotionally driven second chance love stories.



Rising (Vincent and Eve #1) by Jessica Ruben  - New Adult Dark Romance - Part of a Trilogy

Well if Rising (Vincent & Eve #1) is Jessica Ruben’s debut novel, then we aren’t sure how she can get much better. Vincent is an absolute puzzle. He is someone you want to find all the pieces that fit together to complete the jigsaw. Eve is a quiet, sweet and intelligent eighteen year old. There is an array of reasons to love this story, suspense, mystery, emotion, and the vivid writing will make you feel like you are part of this story. If you love MMA and mafia aspects, then one click, but be warned, it does end on a colossal cliff-hanger. We are itching to get our hands on book 2.